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KYYGsiteWhy do neighborhoods all over the US look like golf courses with enormous swaths of mowed, green grass? Growing evidence shows that this turf-scape tradition is not only wasteful but harmful to ourselves and the environment. In short, "not all green is green", as Sarah Carolyn Sutton states in her book The New American Front Yard.

The New American Front Yard is a compelling manifesto, a visionary design manual, and a practical do-it-yourself guidebook for front yard transformation. The author is a Landscape Architect, an ecologist, an artist and an herbalist. In this unique, entertaining and richly illustrated book, she draws upon this diverse background to take the reader on a journey of exploration, education and inspiration.

More than a gardening book, she first helps the reader understand why we need to reconsider and re-invent our front yards from water-wasting lawns to our own unique, personal oasis. She discusses the roots of our turf-grass habits, outlines the multiple environmental concerns and then opens to door to a new vision and provides a step-by step process to realize this vision.

For a sneak preview of chapters, click here or to look through a sample of The New American Front Yard, click here.

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